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Aquí trobareu els establiments d'on comprar de la Gastroteca per distintiu de qualitat.
    • Food artisanry
    • This refers to making food products that comply with specifically defined requirements. They are subjected to certain conditions throughout the entire preparation process, so as to guarantee consumers a final product that is unique, of good quality and with distinctive characteristics, obtained in small-scale productions controlled personally by the artisan.

    • Implica't (Get involved)
    • Agricultural Cooperatives of the FCAC (Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Catalonia)

      These are companies of farmers or stockbreeders who have joined as partners. They represent a good share of the food and agricultural production of Catalonia with products as varied as rice, cava, veal, chicken, pork, citrus fruits, sausages, yoghurt, flowers, cheese, fresh fruit, dried fruit, legumes, milk, butter, honey, olive oil, ornamental plants, vegetables, wine, etc.

    • Integrated production
    • Integrated Production producers

      Integrated production system is a production of quality food using methods that respect the environment and human health.

      Integrated production responds to the demands of quality and food safety that consumers require.

      The quality and safety of products is guaranteed by an official certification.

    • Organic Production CCPAE
    • Certified organic producers

      Organic certification ensures that products have been produced or processed following the rules of organic farming, which have been controlled throughout the process of production, processing, packaging and marketing.

    • Slow Food Production
    • Producers belonging to the Slow Food movement

      The Slow Food movement promotes, among others, the formation and maintenance of seed banks to preserve endangered local varieties and promoting local and traditional food.

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