What is is a web page dedicated to local agrofood products from Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Alghero (Sardinia), and (coming soon) Perpignan and the area bordering Catalonia - Département des Pyrénées Orientales.  At you can find information about the products and the producers as well as details about where you can buy these products (including buying direct from the farm and via the Internet). On you will also find traditional as well as innovative Catalan recipes based on local products, information about restaurants where you can enjoy Catalan cuisine, gastronomic routes, local fairs and markets, etc.'s aim is to support and promote local agrofood products. It is an interactive channel dedicated to professionals in the sector (distributors, chefs, producers, experts, promoters of gastro-tourism, etc.), as well as consumers, local organisations which work with local agrofood products and tourists interested in experiencing and enjoying the authentic taste of Catalan cuisine.


The name

The name gastroteca comes from two Greek words. Théka in Greek means deposit, storage room, and gastro refers to food. Gastroteca is therefore a space which gathers and offers information about local food and the very rich cultural heritage related to it. Furthermore, teca, in the Catalan language, is synonymous with food.


Context and territorial area was created in the year 2007 by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Department of Commerce) to help promote and market local agrofood products and to stimulate growth in this area, which, together with tourism, forms one of the most important sectors of the Catalan economy.

In 2010 the Governments of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands signed an agreement to work together to promote local agrofood products and to use the website as a display window to promote these products and the local gastronomy. In 2010 the Council of Alghero (Sardinia), the Chamber of Agriculture and the Chamber of Métiers and Artisans from the so-called ‘North Catalonia' (Perpignan and the area bordering Catalonia - Département des Pyrénées Orientales) signed an agreement with the Catalan government to share gastroteca and to include it in the information regarding these territories. is also available on smart phones

A free application is available on Smart phones, which offers access to contents from the webpage, with the added value that the information about products, places to buy them, restaurants, etc. come up in order of proximity. It also offers information based on GPS - Google Maps about how to reach the place you choose using your own transport, by public transport or on foot.

This application also allows you to add your own comments about shops, restaurants, food, etc. directly via your mobile phone and to share them with other users.


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Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda de de Catalunya (CCAM)

C/ Puig i Xoriguer, 11-13
08004 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 935 515 459 / 935 676 134 / 934 849 999
Fax. (+34) 935 671 496


Insitut d'Innovació Empresarial de les Illes Balears

C/ Selleters, 25 Despatx 11
07300 Inca
Tel. (+34) 971 887 031
Fax. (+34) 971 887 001


Representation of Generalitat of Catalonia in Alghero

Via Columbano, 4
07041 Alghero (SS)
Tel. (+39) 079 983 498
Fax. (+39) 079 970 143


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